Barton Manor Biomass Planning Application

By Administrator-1, August 30, 2013

Mattinson Associated Ltd has made an application on behalf of Mr A Haig-Thomas of Barton Manor Estates Ltd to make alterations/modifications to this Grade II listed manor house. It is to include:

  • the installation of French doors
  • the formation of a new terrace
  • the refurbishment and improvements to the indoor swimming pool and surrounds
  • the installation of a domestic biomass system including the enclosure of the carport
  • the conversion of the coach house and cottage to form a unit of holiday accommodation.

To view the application, plans and details of the biomass plant click the following link.

The application was accepted today, 30.08.2013 and any comments have to be registered by 20.09.2013.

UPDATE 31.08.2013

It has been pointed out that approval has been granted to commence building the Biomass Plant ahead of the Planning Application being advertised and approved.

See Design & Access Statement, paragraph 2.2

2.2 New Biomass Building
The introduction of a Biomass System for heating and hot water at Barton Manor Estate has been met with
approval. Currently Barton Manor is not heated and having spent a winter in the property the family feel it is
of utmost urgency that a heating system be installed as soon as possible. Having a large woodland on the
Estate has lead the owners to believe that Biomass is the way forward for them, as the heating demands will
be high given the buildings are listed and therefore single glazed and relatively un-insulated. The natural place
to locate the new Biomass Building is the existing carport as from this location it can be fed into the house, the
swimming pool, the Coach House and the Billiard Rooms relatively easily. Due to the tight time constraints with
the installation of the biomass system to be fully commissioned before next winter, this portion of the works has
been started with the input of the Planning Case Officer and Listed Buildings team. Information has been passed
to the Officers along with the outline concept design at a meeting dated 19th June 2013. See Appendix 2.





  1. Michael Douse says:

    A nice lady from Barton Manor came to the ECTC Planning Meeting last night but was told by the Town Clerk that they had made a mistake and it was Whippingham’s concern not theirs!

    She had previously been invited to explain their application to ECTC and arrived at 6.30pm for a 7pm meeting which had been rescheduled as 7.30pm. She left without a word at 7.31pm.

  2. Administrator-1 says:

    How incredibly rude to waste her time like that. She should have been invited to speak and then given an apology for wasting her time. It certainly does not give a very professional image of the ECTC.

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