Bi…Bi…Biomass in Stag Lane, Newport

September 24, 2013

REAL VENTURES, a company started by three island businessmen planned to build a 49.9MW Biomass Power Station fuelled by imported wood pellets on the banks of the River Medina. It should be noted that Biomass Power Stations under 50MW are considered small enough to be unregulated, hence their selection of 49.9MW.  Real Ventures had somehow secured  ‘Preferred […]

question 5

UPDATE 23.9.2013 – a reply ‘of sorts’ from Amanda Gregory to the WRAP question. There has been NO response from the IOW Environmental Health Dept to the DEFRA National Consultation

September 13, 2013

Today is the final day for the submission of comments to DEFRA on the consultation about proposed changes to the way air quality is measured and reported. WRAP’s attention was drawn to this a few days ago through an email from the campaigning website, 38 Degrees. Further investigation led us to the DEFRA Consultation […]

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UPDATE 27.9.2013 – STILL ‘NO SATISFACTORY REPLY’ to WRAP question to the IOW Cabinet Meeting 10.9.2013

September 11, 2013

Last night, WRAP Spokesperson Judy Ferris attended the IOW Council Cabinet Meeting to present an oral  question to Councillor Gilbey, on behalf of the WRAP team.It was read out by the Leader of the Council, Ian Stephens. He read:-  Oral Question – Cabinet Meeting                                                10th September 2013  Cllr Gilbey,  I ask a question further to the recent FOI […]


VESTAS seeks ‘Special Purchaser Status’ for Stag Lane site in Newport

September 9, 2013

Barely has the dust settled on the ending of the ‘Preferred Bidder Status’ of Real Ventures Ltd. This is the company who wanted to build a 49.9 MW Biomass Power Station on the Council-owned ex-refuse site in Stag Lane. It held this status for the previous 2 years until 31st July 2013. It had requested […]


WRAP has a new website

August 28, 2013

WRAP is in the process of building a new website. With the announcement of the joint venture between Eurovia and Bardon Vectis, it was decided that when Eurovia eventually withdraw their application to build a new Asphalt Plant at Medina Wharf, WRAP will no longer be viable as ‘Wight Residents Against Asphalt Plant’. It will still […]


Eurovia / Bardon Vectis Joint Venture launched today

August 8, 2013

ON THE WIGHT – 9.9.2013 This week saw the official launch of Wight Building Materials, the joint venture between Eurovia and Aggregate Industries to supply asphalt, concrete and aggregate materials to local businesses on the Isle of Wight and to service the 25 year Highways PFI. As Island Roads intensify their surfacing programme, Wight Building […]