VESTAS seeks ‘Special Purchaser Status’ for Stag Lane site in Newport

By Administrator-1, September 9, 2013

Barely has the dust settled on the ending of the ‘Preferred Bidder Status’ of Real Ventures Ltd. This is the company who wanted to build a 49.9 MW Biomass Power Station on the Council-owned ex-refuse site in Stag Lane. It held this status for the previous 2 years until 31st July 2013. It had requested another extension for yet another year, but days before the Cabinet was due to decide on this, Real Ventures withdrew their application.

Today, it was announced that VESTAS was requesting the IOW Council to confer on it a ‘Special Purchaser Status’in order to effectively plan an expansion of their business activities on the island and thus increasing the size of their workforce.

In order to manage this expansion using the old tip, It will be a requirement of the Environment Agency to spend an amount between £3.5 – £5 million to clear the site of contaminated materials.



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