Wight Residents Against Pollution

This is a website for the residents and businesses of East Cowes, Whippingham, Newport Quay, Northwood/Medham and West Cowes; in fact, all of those who live and/or work in the Medina Valley.

WRAP (Wight Residents against Asphalt Plant) started life for those among us who were concerned about the impact of the proposed asphalt plant on the west bank of the River Medina at Medina Wharf. Finding each other through posters, letters of objection and meetings, 12 of us eventually formed the core team of WRAP

Recently, events have changed with Eurovia making an announcement in the County Press that they have now created a Joint Venture Company, Wight Building Materials Ltd with Bardon Vectis. Bardon Vectis have recently been granted permission to update their existing asphalt plant, located in a quarry at Blackwater. Therefore, they say, they will no longer require permission to build an asphalt plant at Medina Wharf. However, they have not as yet, withdrawn their planning application.

What do you think?

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