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UPDATE 23.9.2013 – a reply ‘of sorts’ from Amanda Gregory to the WRAP question. There has been NO response from the IOW Environmental Health Dept to the DEFRA National Consultation

By Administrator-1, September 13, 2013

Today is the final day for the submission of comments to DEFRA on the consultation about proposed changes to the way air quality is measured and reported.
WRAP’s attention was drawn to this a few days ago through an email from the campaigning website, 38 Degrees.
Further investigation led us to the DEFRA Consultation documents, feedbackto be submitted by 13th September.
We want to make sure that the IOW Council Environmental Department has contributed to that feedback.
An email was sent today from WRAP:-
Ms Gregory,
On behalf of WRAP, I write to request a copy of the submission by the IWC to the LAQM Consultation. It is our understanding the last day for submission of this document is 13th September,2013; i.e. today.
I look forward to receiving your reply.
Judy Ferris
Spokesperson for WRAP
UPDATE - 23.9.2013  
The following is the rather inadequate response from the IOW Council Environmental Health Department
Dear Judy Ferris

Thank you for your email concerning the recent government consultation on Local Air Quality Management. Unfortunately on this occasion we were unable to send a response due to resources available at the time. In general we are supportive of the current review of the legislation in particular the emphasis on deregulation and local decision making. Once we are aware of the outcome of this consultation and any subsequent amendments to the legislation we will progress any changes to our functions in line with the recommendations/requirements. This will involve us working closely with our key elected members on the development of any local policies which will be subject to a full public consultation.

Yours sincerely
Amanda Gregory| Regulatory Services Manager | Planning and Regulatory Services| Isle of Wight Council | Jubilee Stores | The Quay |Newport | Isle of Wight PO30 2EH

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